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  • Tongren Hydropower Station Flood Control Function Renovation Project

    Tongren Hydropower Station Flood Control Function Renovation Project

    L*H: 90*5(m)

    Applications: Flood Control, Hydroelectric power generation

    Location: Guizhou, China

  • Simplified Elevated Dam(SED)

    Simplified Elevated Dam(SED)

    Simplified Elevated Dam(SED) is a new type dam which uses manual hydraulic pump or diesel engine to control panels up and down for water retaining and discharging. First innovation of large displacement hand pressure pump technology and doesn’t need electricity. SED is particularly applicable for no electricity area and sea coast. At present, it has been widely promoted in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam and other countries.

  • Hydraulic Elevator Dam

    Hydraulic Elevator Dam

    Hydraulic elevator dam, researched and developed by BIC, is an innovative achievement in water conservancy science and technology. It is the optimized combination of hydraulic “three-hinge-point luffing mechanism principe” and traditional sluice. Hydraulic cylinders support at the back of the panel

    to lift up the gate for blocking water or to drop down the gate in the case of flood discharging. It is applicable to various hydrological and geological conditions; it is widely used in river landscape, storage of irrigation water, expension of reservoir capacity and other water conservancy hydropower, water ecological civilization and urbanization construction projects. This technology has obtained series of patents issued by State Intellectual Property Office of P.R.C, and has been listed in 2014 Catalogue of Key Promotion and Guiding for Advanced Water Conservancy Practical

  • Rubber dam Introduction

    Rubber dam Introduction

    Rubber dam Introduction Rubber dam is a new type of hydraulic structure compared with steel sluice gate, and made of high-strength fabric adhering with rubber, which forms a rubber bag anchoring on basement floor of dam. Filling water or air into the dam bag, rubber dam is used for water retention. Emptying water or air from the dam bag, it is used for flood release. Rubber dam has many advantages compared to conventional weirs, such as low cost, simple hydraulic structure, short constructio...
  • Introduction of Containerized Water Treatment Plant

    Introduction of Containerized Water Treatment Plant

    Introduction of Containerized Water Treatment Plant The Containerized Water Treatment Plant is a standard container product which developed by Beijing IWHR Corporation (BIC). it designed to treated small quantity of water. The Containerized Water Treatment Plant is separated to two different types of series: (1) One is the wastewater treatment for reused: (Containerized Waste-Water Treatment Plant); (2) The other is the water purification for drinking; (Containerized Water Purification Plant)...
  • Water Treatment

    Water Treatment

    Aim:To provide the best  solutions for water treatment projects.

    To provide the most cost-effective water treatment equipments.

    To enable individuals have clean and fresh water.

    Value:Reliability  Enthusiasm to Technology  People-oriented

    Features1.Optimized process / solution

    2.High performance with best cost-effectiveness

    3.High efficiency/Low energy consumption

    4.High reliability/Long life cycle

    5.Simple operation and less maintenance

    6.Small footprint/Reliability

    7.Pursuit of “art of manufacturing”