Business Scope

BIC specializes in undertaking feasibility studies, surveying, designing, manufacturing, construction, installation  and commissioning for various water conservancy and hydropower projects, particularly small hydropower plants, rubber dams and hydraulic elevator dams. This is backed by a group of experts and senior managers with specialized training in the aforementioned fields. BIC has the ability to render services including the design and installation of complete sets of technologically advanced hydro generator units and affiliated equipment with excellent performance and reasonable price.


The Hydraulic Elevator Dam

The Hydraulic Elevator Dam is a revolutionary type of hydro technique and the latest supporting pier dam of its kind. It is world's leading achievement in the field of movable dam technology. It is widely used in irrigation, navigation, and aquaculture, as well as in small hydropower plant and urban river landscape engineering. The hydraulic elevator dam has conquered all the shortcomings of the traditional movable dam, while at the same time has its own distinct advantages. It operates without blocking flood water as the rubber dam clings to the riverbed. It operates in a similar fashion to a flap gate, which automatically drops down for flood discharge or lifts up for holding water, and is as durable as conventional sluices. Gaps in small river management technology have been obliterated since the invention of the hydraulic elevator dam. On the international market, it is the third-generation of movable weir products.


Rubber Dam 

Rubber dam is made if high-strength fabric adhering with rubber, which forms a rubber bag anchoring on basement floor of dam. Filling water or air into the dam bag. Rubber dam is used for water retention. Emptying water or air from the dam bag. It is used for flood release.
BIC is able to work on an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) basis for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of rubber projects.BIC’s rubber dams can be constructed for water heads ranging from 50 centimeters to more than 6 meters.



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