BIC M-Series Seawater desalination for Marine and Offshore




- To provide the best solutions for water treatment projects.

- To provide the most cost-effective water treatment equipments.

- To enable individuals have clean and fresh water.



Reliability/Enthusiasm to Technology/People-oriented



1. All-in-one skid design makes smaller footprint

2. Easy to change filter and membrane

3. All surrounded by frame design, protecting from unexpected impact

4. All pipes used for producing waer meet the food safety criteria

5. Low energy consumption, low cost

6. Long service life, easy to dismantle and maintian

7. Protection grade of electronic control system:IP55

8. Material of HP pump is duplex steel 2205 with good corrosion resistance

9. Anti-vibration, anti-slip

10. Separate device, easy to transport, disassemble and install




Intake pump

Single-stage centrifugal SS316L

Putting seawater into system

Filter cartridge


Regularly change it to keep raw water clean



Ships/Cruises/Yachts/Fishing boats/Marine engineering/High salinity water desalination



1. Raw water: seawater

2. Model of reverse osmosis: primary RO

3. Outlet TDS: 300ppm

4. The whole system is controlled by automation

5. Automatic over-voltage protection of high pressure pump: the system will alarm automatically and shut down when the discharge pressure of high pressure pump reaches 7.0Mpa.

6. Automatic under-voltage protection of high pressure pump: the system will alarm automatically and shut down when the inlet pressure of high pressure pump is less than 0.2Mpa.




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