BIC C-Series Seawater Desalination for Engineer and Processing Water


Type: C-100/C-200/C-400/C-600/C-800

Purpose: Engineering, Processing Water

Pretreatment method

1.UF(Ultrafiltration system)

2.MMF(Multi Media Filter)/ Depending on fact situation, choosing the most appropriate solution.



1. All-in-one skid design makes smaller footprint.

2. Compact design makes the system safer.

3. The material of HP parts is duplex steel 2205; the material of LP parts is UPVC. Good corrosion resistance, long life time.

4. Fully-automatic PLC control and touch screen operation, more complete functions, easier control, and simpler operation.

5. Set time to start and stop the device. Control automatically based on actual condition with safe and reliable system.

6. C-series can be moved to work site easily as a separate device.

7. Automatic flushing when shut off.

8. All processes including installation and tests are finished in the factory; convenient to use on site.


Design specification


Temperature: 25

SDI<20, further conditions according to specific water analysis; with the increasing of water capacity, increasing the recovery rate properly can improve the efficiency of HP pump and RO membrane.

Water Feed

Intake pump starts when pressed start-buttom. The algae and sand can be filtered by sand-filter system and safety filter.

RO System

One-Button start and stop makes RO Skid  be easier to operation. Automatically run with setting time auto-cleaning.

Water Supply

To supply the water, a water tank and a constant pressure water supply system is needed. The freshwater can be used in drinking, processing water, water in emergency.





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