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BIC Held WPP & HED Training Successfully

From Sep. 11th to 12th, 2015,2015, BIC held WPP and HED Training. The first part of the training was the opening ceremony to welcome all the guests.

After the ceremony, our guests from Indonesia,Mayanmar and Tailand came to parallel session:English Session. BIC managing director, Mr. Chen Yanyu, addressed a speech to sincerely welcome all guests, and made the request and hope.

Then our professional engineer, Ms ZhaoYuefen introduced our patent product, Hydraulic Elevator Dam (HED). To show it to guests clearly, we connected to HED site online for live show. At last, MsZhao answered all the questions the guests concerned.

After the lunch, our engineer introduced our Movable Hydraulic Pump, and answered all the questions in details.

Then another engineer, Geng Yehan Yehan introduced our patent product Water-Powered Pump (WPP). After the introduction,Professor Yang Kailin, the inventor of WPP, was invited to the training for answering the guests’ questions.

After the short break, guests from Myanmar brought some gifts to BIC friends, to show their sincerity and look forward tofurther cooperation.

On the morning of Sep. 12th, we led all the guests to the WPP site and our multi-functional laboratory to see the real WPP,and explained how the WPP works. During the visit, our profession answered all the questions the guests concerned in details.

In the afternoon, we visited the Great Wall  together with foreign guests. All the guests were excited and full of praise.

On Sep. 13th, we send our guests to the Beijing Airport. They said it would be a good memory in their life and the training would make them promote BIC products better. What’s more, they were looking forward to more fields cooperation.

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