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Water treatment market is facing a great opportunity in China

Good policy in the water treatment unit, many holding company paid nearly a million yuan investment, mergers and acquisitions can lead to industry chain re layout, some listing Corporation from technology and performance are very good, and the income have a high profit, at present, the state attaches great importance to environmental pollution, in such a good policy, a lot of water treatment enterprise supported by the government, by the local government cooperation with banks, cooperative enterprises of the sewage treatment sewage treatment emissions together.

Water treatment market is facing a great opportunity
According to introduction, around the request to speed up the atmosphere, water pollution control, and asked all localities to strictly implement the water treatment policy and standardize project bidding, project and bidding norms and requirements of water treatment department do well bidding work, clear water treatment project in the content of the tender, technical parameters, also urged all localities to strengthen the engineering safety, reasonable, for consistent with the large regions and provinces of sewage treatment, can increase the limit of equipment related to construction projects, increase water treatment equipment enterprises, the development of agricultural industrial wastewater treatment system of wastewater treatment to the decisive role for local area sewage, countries are vigorously support equipment upgrading and transformation, "intensive care" governance and the serious pollution the area, and the water pollution into the environment assessment project.

Water treatment equipment stock opportunities

Firstly, the concept of environmental protection industry and energy-saving emission reduction, ecological protection related issues enterprises will face great opportunities in Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places listed enterprises have positive impact on the policy, many listed companies to obtain large, in addition, a lot of water reuse and recycling water enterprises obtain not little support, the opportunity is considerable, agriculture stocks also due to water treatment opportunity ahead of the layout, a lot of agricultural stocks also to be good, because a number of government support for agricultural development and environmental pollution water treatment policy, the agricultural production enterprises referred to "the development of high-speed road", the rural water treatment will become the biggest opportunities, and encourage the private enterprises to enter the field of agricultural water treatment, for rural better the quality of the water and recycled water is more in line with environmental protection, the policy of "care" will be conducive to the rapid business expansion of listed companies and the development of water treatment, if the enterprise to borrow money for expansion results, will enhance the performance of its water treatment business, development space is enormous.

Municipal wastewater treatment, drinking water enterprises will also benefit

Nowadays, municipal wastewater treatment focused on rainwater treatment, water treatment, septic tank sewage treatment, recycled water produced by the recovery of filter can be used for the construction of the city of the future, the development space is huge, direct drinking water, many areas still can not be achieved to meet the people's drinking water quality, the water is harmful to human body material slants much, these regions due to the approaching Industrial Zone, industrial pollution, the need for high precision filtration for drinking water, ensure drinking water standard.

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