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China to implement seawater and progressing of desalination in 2013

    The sea is an inexhaustible supply of water resources, a large sea waters, land use sea water can alleviate the problem of water resources, by the end of last year, China has hundreds of desalination projects, mainly used in reverse osmosis technology, as well as conventional distillation techniques, however, some items can not achieve economic and other energy-saving and environmentally friendly, these projects also need to develop technologies to replace.

     Desalination desalination technology to promote increased utilization

2001 to 2013, China's desalination technology in the initial stage of development has risen to the era of technological innovation, through desalination technology, has appeared on the annual water yield on the 2013 compared with 2007, desalination water production on the rise more than three times, you can say, innovative desalination technology is a significant increase in water production premise, higher utilization of coastal waters, especially in coastal cities, many families are almost related with the sea, many families through the desalination water gardening, scrub the furniture, and even cooking, many companies will also be separated by desalination of salt water use, water for domestic, industrial processing, salt used for fuel, Beijing will build the Beijing-Tianjin integration will also seawater desalination project into the era of rapid development, in addition, Zhejiang, Shandong, Liaoning, and Guangdong has become the desalination project "odd sheep" in the future, Hainan sea area will come up with their strengths, great the use of sea resources, building to the sea-based "waterfront cities." Have this we can see that the development of technology and the rational use can be more beautiful and more healthy development of urban construction.

   Beijing desalination technology, new breakthroughs

   There are thermal and membrane desalination method, by a good film will be carefully separated from seawater, salt, debris, water completely separated, as well as by optimizing solar energy as the driving force, so that energy savings through improved water quality and other aspects of desalination, increasing water production line with national water quality.

   Desalination technology can save the cost of a full range of applications for water use
   Desalination technology continues to evolve and mature, the major coastal cities use desalination technology plus nuclear technology, through post-processing for domestic water, industrial water, agricultural water, also from the original field of agricultural irrigation, municipal cleaning expanded to the car wash, materials business health, municipal sanitation, as well as chemicals, waste incineration, printing and dyeing water recycling, water and chemicals to extract, salt and some processing for export, including seawater extracted potassium, bromine, magnesium and other needs and so on. (This article from the network)
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