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Reclaimed water plant changed rain water to municipal water
As the saying goes, a piece of rain clouds, clouds in some places, some places do not have, northern areas of rain and drought uneven distribution of rainfall in many areas increase over the same year, which means that urban rural life safety is threatened, in some places due to the Long-term there is no rain, a lot of crops facing depletion, the need for more water moisture, in addition, some areas were still drinking water with Lin Yuan landscaping, rockery fountain, etc., which cause waste of water resources, lack of water is more serious.

Many areas, especially enterprises should install rainwater harvesting systems, rainwater harvesting through reprocessing can save more water resources that can be used to clean the toilet, wipe, and the company car wash and other water-saving enterprise, allowing rainwater recycling business allow water to drink, with a distinct, so that companies are no longer a "big water" of the city, city government, county government, the village should pay attention to rainwater harvesting, rainwater collection and processing can be achieved by drought turn on the water, close the water during the rainy , and urban landscaping, irrigation for agriculture.

After entering the collected rainwater is filtered through layers of sewage treatment equipment, after filtration screening, dirt and twigs rain, debris all stopped, the rain water into the second layer of filtration, the filter can be seen clearly after water, which kind of water they meet state regulations to exclude the use of water, and the device is suitable for a variety of "places", but it allows for rainwater harvesting equipment discouraged many companies, but for municipal and county government, it really is a benefit China is a good project.

Urban stormwater treatment may flood control, waterlogging, agricultural irrigation, urban beautification play an important role, but also hope to introduce policies more conducive environment to promote the development of rainwater recycling, so that everyone become environmental contribution messenger.

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