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wastwater treatment entered market of aquiculture for more profit

  Autumn is the season of China's aquaculture, but the shortage of water resources has become a major factor restricting the development of the country, aquaculture production continue to improve, increasing water consumption, wastewater recycling or waste water circulation using a lot of aquaculture plant reuse, water filtration and water aquaculture and the same.

  In order to ensure fisheries harvest, and feed injection and injection of drug on the circulating water, fish, shrimp, crab, ensure normal growth, a multi-year breeding aquatic products businesses, they recently purchased a water treatment equipment, greatly reducing the waste of water, before is from downhole pumping, and usage the increase also has certain influence on their profits, and now the sewage treatment equipment for treatment of aquaculture water, greatly saving water resources fee, and saves a lot of profit. The merchant also recalled, not buy sewage treatment equipment, they are often not clear water to worry about, and some even grow green algae, and nourish the many bacteria, have tried a lot of water removal, but the effect is not good, since the purchase of water treatment equipment, through layers of filtering water recycling, in continuous flushing, now the water back to pure, and remove the bacteria on their breeding pond, water treatment equipment has welcomed in the market. It is autumn harvest the prelude of aquatic products, water treatment equipment can greatly reduce the breeding cost, and save more water resources for the country.

  Water treatment equipment in the aquaculture industry is not what new equipment, but, how to become every family can use the sewage Po, also need to start from the simple marketing and product, believe in water treatment equipment can become essential goods major chambers of Commerce in the aquaculture industry.


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