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water circulation been abandoned for more complex reasons

  The circulation water used has become important of corresponding national saving water "weapon", however, according to statistical Beijing region resident water used circulation less than 10%, and majority saves water "weapon" to get rid, causes the domestic water to waste greatly, even using running water washout public toilet as well as irrigation, what reason is creates from the circulating water equipment is abandoned?

  The price Gao Biting sewage circulation handling equipment the sailor rises now, the sewage regeneration technology makes the sailor cost further enhance, the electrical bill during use, in the resurgent water treatment process needing, as well as the overall cost compels to stop the sewage waste water regeneration technology, as a result of the cost issue, many lodging communities gives up the sewage regenerating this way, making the sewage regenerative equipment stagnate, results in the water used waste. In the future the water saving must certainly vigorously propagandize as a result of the water resources, the sailor rises unceasingly, the Beijing area will use various method solution water used waste and other issues, will use water volume many areas to carry on the resurgent water to come the water saving, and expands many sewage waste water treatment plants, the promoted waste water filtration sales commission technology, causes the sewage waste water circulation and is used in the irrigation.

  the washout restroom as well as the car wash, the urban afforestation, and strengthens the sewage circulation handling equipment use factor, gives subsidy and other methods in the price, enhances the sewage treatment the use factor.


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