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stability,water price of Beijing

  This year, the simmering water became the subject of much attention, prices will rise, the water pollution in lanzhou will not lead to rising prices, and so on, in order to solve the tense situation of urban water in Beijing, will improve the water price, the introduction of new water sources and to ease Beijing city water shortage.

  The Yangtze river water into Beijing, won't make the longer the water price is higher

  Water price meeting was held in Beijing in April, discussion, and to develop the future water price for water pricing finally depends on the national development and reform commission released final proposals, profit is per cubic meter of water more than 1 piece, after collecting pay by water supply enterprise finance.

  Water treatment is also an important factor for the stability of water

  Due to water shortages in many places water supply, and through the reservoir water and good water saving are classified, from the end to eliminate waste water can be better stability of water, through the water treatment and desalination technology, contribute to a force of water resources in Beijing, make sewage water, such as water, washing the car, put out the fire with water, city water, etc., let get to save water resources, to stabilize prices, in addition to this, also let more people learn to conserve water.

  Multiple filter, reduce the thermonatrite

  Reported by that tap water in many regions have thermonatrite, even in some areas of tap water is muddy, like "a little flying insects flying in the water," this is the thermonatrite, thermonatrite is not clear, drink for a long time can cause cancer, so for tap water treatment process, due to the multiple filtering, can filter out the thermonatrite, remove impurities, corresponding to water tap water become true health.

  In order to cooperate with Beijing normal water supply, all set for the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, provides a favorable guarantee for water supply.

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