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Water Recycling benefit the nation and economy
  2014 China's water conservancy infrastructure construction industry will total investment of 40 billion yuan , and continue to improve the construction of the water industry , water conservancy for lakes and rivers as well as an important hub to govern effectively solve the national problem of drinking water and increase water and water resources development and ecological construction , etc. and implement water reform and water innovation , strengthen water conservancy construction and reform , promote and strengthen water conservancy security.

Flood and drought is still severe

Except for the national water supply and enhance processing capabilities, such as flood control and drought will do a good job of work , after a reasonable management and scheduling, full use of water development construction , and improve disaster drought facilities , strengthen disaster prevention capacity of urban water supply and infrastructure improvements , flood control and disaster prevention and other efforts to improve the capacity and increase the water conservancy construction, improve flood and drought across the preparatory work , and strengthening of water treatment equipment and water supply in areas of serious water shortages , increased security checks for relevant projects while enhancing water recycling , saving resources and promoting economic development, the establishment of water conservation mechanisms , and its comprehensive and rigorous review ,

Responsibility to ensure that development opportunities in the water industry

2014 water treatment industry opportunities and responsibilities coexist , to ensure the development , function g water industry challenges, contribute to the achievement of national revival .
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