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  1) To enhance the core competitiveness.

  2) Core value, corporate culture " to create values for our clients, to create profits for out company, to create the prosperity for our society".

  3) Management Idea Market orientation the profit zone blue ocean strategy Innovation-driven.

  4) Brand assurance rapid-response professional performance.

      The follow poem from a member of BiC :

  BIC Company

  Just for its 20’s anniversary

  Brilliant, intelligent and creative,

  Endeavor to make water clean,

  Struggle to keep river clear.

  Do you know that, without water, there would be no life?

  Do you know that, without BIC, fresh water should never be considered rife?

  BIC Company,

  Love and sympathy,

  A place where kindly affections exist,

  Among all the members of the family.

  All of their children find their home to be,

  The cheeriest place in the world.

  BIC Company,

  Furious and Fast,

  Year in and year out,

  We work and fight,

  For a clean new world, of red sunlight.

  ----- WTD wang


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